Sarah Abbott

Sarah Abbott (she/her)

Community Lawyer
Practice Areas:
Civil Disputes, Business Organizations

Sarah is a full-time practising lawyer who moved to Canada with her husband in 2019, after completing her LLB at the University of London. In the few years that followed, she earned her NCA accreditation and articled with the Everyone Legal Clinic.

During her articles, Sarah gained experience in a broad range of areas including tenancy, employment, family and contract law. She assisted many clients who found themselves falling into the affordability gap between legal aid and conventional legal services. As one of ELC's first Community Lawyers, Sarah is excited to provide more affordable and equitable legal services to people in her community and throughout BC, whilst ensuring her clients feel supported and understood.

Outside of law, Sarah has volunteered with charities on housing initiatives, suicide prevention campaigns, eating disorder education and support initiatives, and the promotion of human rights. She is a keen rock climber who has coached young people in the sport for over a decade. She is also an avid swimmer, a newbie to free-diving, a mom to a very active toddler, and a lifelong learner.

Sarah operates a general practice with a strong interest in resolving civil disputes and drafting contracts.