Jordan Carr-Hilton

Jordan Carr-Hilton (he/him)

Community Lawyer
Practice Areas:
Civil Disputes, Employment, Family, Business Organizations, Strata

Jordan is a practising lawyer who received his LLB from the University of Adelaide and articled with Everyone Legal Clinic. Previously, he studied Political Science and Environmental Studies at UVic. During his studies, he worked part-time jobs to finance his education, and he competed at a varsity level in athletics.

Jordan has a passion for advocating for the disadvantaged, and for helping people with disabilities. He was a driver for HandyDART transit service for several years. He was also a safety committee representative for the Amalgamated Transit Union, who fought diligently for the rights and interests of fellow workers and disabled clients.

Jordan takes pride in providing personalized legal assistance in ways that are relatable, compassionate and non-judgmental. He once worked as a student legal advisor on corporate law, specializing in financial guidance, insolvency and debt matters, at the Consumer Credit Law Centre in Adelaide.