William O'Hanley wide photo

William O'Hanley (he/him)

Articling Clinician

William is a Vancouver-based articling clinician at the Everyone Legal Clinic, who originally hails from Prince Edward Island. He wound up in Vancouver after finishing his BSc in computer science from the University of Prince Edward Island, and his JD from the University of Victoria, where he was a research assistant for the University of Victoria Access to Justice Centre for Excellence.

William has worked as a software developer in many contexts, particularly in support of research initiatives and particularly in web development and data visualization. He has also worked as a teacher in Canada, China and South Korea. He joined the Everyone Legal Clinic out of interest in serving the public, and in facilitating the creative delivery of legal services.

In his spare time, William cultivates yeast, makes lo-fi video games, sails, and (re(-re(-re)))configures Emacs.