Valentina Hernandez Paternina wide photo

Valentina Hernandez Paternina (she/her)

Articling Clinician

Valentina received her first law degree from the Universidad de Medellín in Colombia in 2018, where she specialized in corporate law. She graduated with an LLM (Common Law) from the Allard School of Law at UBC in May 2023. Her legal experience in Colombia engaged many different areas of law, including real estate, contract law, and both civil and family litigation.

Valentina pursued a career in law because she saw how many of her fellow Colombians could not afford to retain a lawyer, and she wanted to help as many people as possible by offering affordable legal services. She was drawn to the Everyone Legal Clinic (among other reasons) by the opportunity to offer quality legal services to people in Vancouver and throughout BC, on a fixed-rate and low-cost basis.

As a good Colombian, she loves coffee and is always trying new coffee shops. She is also a huge fan of action movies.