Priscila Pimont Berndt wide profile photo

Priscila Pimont Berndt (she/her)

Articling Clinician

Priscila is originally from Brazil, where she obtained a BA in international relations in 2009, and her law degree in 2014, and also where she practiced law for seven years before moving to Canada in 2021. She earned a master’s degree at UBC in May 2023.

During her time in Canada, Priscila has been dedicated to using her legal knowledge to help people navigate administrative and judicial systems and find a way through their legal problems. She volunteered at several non-profit organizations providing legal services to low-income populations for the past two years.

In her spare time, Priscila enjoys learning new languages (struggling with beginner level German at the moment), taking long walks in nature or through the city, preferably finding a nice café to sit, sip and warm up in the middle of the day.