Dan Lee wide profile photo

Dan (Do Hyun) Lee (he/him)

Articling Clinician

Daniel graduated from the Allard School of Law at UBC in 2023. During law school, he began to understand how difficult and expensive it is for most people to hire lawyers to help them resolve their legal problems. Since learning about the Everyone Legal Clinic, Daniel has been drawn to its mission of providing affordable legal services throughout BC, and is excited to serve as an articling clinician.

Daniel gained experience serving low-income clients by volunteering with the Law Students’ Legal Advice Program at UBC. He also has experience conducting legal research for access to justice and law reform projects from his work with the British Columbia Law Institute, and from volunteering with Pro Bono Students Canada. Daniel has also been involved in corporate governance work at a not-for-profit corporation, and has worked at a personal injury law firm.

After graduating from law school, Daniel moved to Victoria in the hopes of starting his legal career in a community where he could build lasting relationships with the people that he served. He is eager to work with the people and local businesses that make Victoria the unique and vibrant place that it is.