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Sarah Abbott rejoins ELC as its first Community Lawyer

We're delighted to (re-)introduce Sarah Abbott as our very first Community Lawyer.

Sarah was called to the BC bar in early May 2023 after earning her NCA accreditation and then articling with us. During her articles, she gained experience in a broad range of areas including tenancy, employment, family and contract law.

As our first Community Lawyer, Sarah operates a general practice with a strong interest in resolving civil disputes and drafting contracts. She continues to serve British Columbians who fall into the affordability gap between legal aid and traditional legal services.

Sarah joins macushlaw's ecosystem of lawyers in July 2023, where she'll provide approachable, top-tier legal services while giving back to her community and Everyone Legal Clinic.

Our Community Lawyers practice independently of ELC, but share our client-centred service philosophy, and provide a small percentage of their ELC-sourced fees to fund bursaries for future articling clinicians.