Christine Arnold

Christine Arnold (she/her)

Supervising Lawyer

Christine is Everyone Legal Clinic’s Managing Lawyer. She is also the founder and principal of Bloomstone Law Corporation, through which she provides fractional general counsel services to business and non-profit organizations. She was previously in-house, most recently as the chief legal officer and general counsel for a tech startup.

Christine’s primary areas of practice are corporate and commercial solicitor’s matters and civil litigation. She has represented clients at every level of court including the Supreme Court of Canada. She recently completed her LLM at the Allard School of Law at UBC, where her focus was on the impact of the intersection of taxation, economics, and the law on poverty-adjacent issues like housing and employment.

Christine has been engaged in community and volunteer service for over 20 years. Her roles have included serving on the boards and councils of various organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs, and the College of Veterinarians of BC, and she is a past editor of the Canadian Journal of Human Rights.

Her desire to contribute to improving access to justice was a central factor in her decision to become a lawyer. Providing free and affordable services to low-income and marginalized individuals, and the organizations that support them, is a significant part of her legal practice.

Christine's personal interests include training and hanging out with her rescue dogs, playing hockey (very beer league!), racing her motorcycle, and being a backyard beekeeper.