Hamidreza Siavashpour

Hamidreza Siavashpour (he/him)

Community Lawyer
Practice Areas:

Hamidreza is a full-time practising lawyer with a diverse and robust background in law. He brings a unique blend of international legal experience and a deep understanding of Canadian immigration law to his passion for serving clients.

He earned a PhD in international law from the University of Tehran, and then honed his analytical skills and gained invaluable experience as a lawyer in Iran for several years. As a first-generation immigrant to Canada, he furthered his legal education by obtaining an LLM from the Allard School of Law at UBC in 2022, solidifying his knowledge of Canadian legal principles.

Hamidreza articled with the Everyone Legal Clinic, where his interest in access to justice led him to provide affordable legal services to his clients. With a primary focus on temporary residence, permanent residence and citizenship applications, he is dedicated to reducing legal costs and ensuring access to justice. He offers unique legal coaching services, empowering clients to actively participate in their applications while receiving his crucial guidance and advice on critical aspects of the immigration process.