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Kiran Tanveer (she/her)

Articling Clinician

Kiran obtained her LLB from Pakistan in 2008, and her certificate of qualification from the National Committee on Accreditation in 2016. She also has a BA in psychology.

During her legal career in Pakistan, Kiran participated in community outreach and pro bono programs that promoted human rights, social development, gender equality and poverty, and equitable opportunities for women. She also worked to prevent violence against women and child labour.

Since moving to Vancouver, Kiran has been involved in various community outreach programs and non-profit organizations. She has volunteered with the Canadian Centre for International Justice, the Amici Curiae Friends of Court, and Rise Women’s Legal Centre.

Kiran strongly believes in equality and human rights. She loves being a part of the Everyone Legal Clinic, as her values align with the organization's mission to help everyone regardless of their ethnicity or background. Her passion is to provide access to justice to low-income families and people with disabilities.

Kiran loves spending quality time with her family. She enjoys cooking, reading, traveling and exploring new places and cultures.